Goddess Emily Jones
Roses turn you into my Bitch!
Roses turn you into my Bitch!

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The next clip about roses - and by now you should know what I'm talking about! It's going to be a rose-evening for you tonight! It has been way too long since you've had that relaxing feeling spreading through all of your body. Too long since you've felt the unconditional obedience that comes with it! The gooning-state that we both love so much! I've had this clip tested before and from what I've heard so far, it's more on the extreme side! But since you are a pro, what can go wrong? You will get the clip, prepare everything you need for it (there are some kinky sissy-games involved) and start a dirty evening - obsessed by roses and my special instructions... and than you will continue with the next clip - and so on! You will be my Bitch tonight!