Goddess Emily Jones
Teased into your new Addiction!
Teased into your new Addiction!

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This clip is not made to make you pay - it's even worse - it's made to become addicted.
Addicted to me - my seductive voice, my looks but most of all to what I make you do... You know what the rose stands for and you know very well how much you love the effect. The warm rush going through all of your body, making you forget about everything that surrounds you.
The sexual inspiration it creates in your mind, bringing out your deepest fantasies and devotion, obedience and making you able to let yourself go like nothing else can.
The perfect amplification of the feelings you are most vulnearble to. You want to obey, you want to feel helpless - you want to be the slave that you were always meant to be.
This clip will be the first of many... One day you will have seen them all and you will be eagerly waiting for more - and more - and more.
I will take all your doubts, crush them and form you into my personal jerk puppet. Waiting for all my orders to obey to. No doubts, no hesitations. I'll be your queen, your obsession - your drug that you cannot get enough of. Time to dive deep into the rabbithole - time to become mine - completely.