Goddess Emily Jones
Become my Paybitch!
Become my Paybitch!

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You love to stroke your dick... It's become better than sex - even if Sex is available to you.
You don't even want it anymore... It's boring compared to the feelings you have when you do it yourself. But there is one more thing... something that developed over time... since you've first tried it. Paying for it.
It has become an addiction. Every orgasm you have without spending money for it feels empty, weak, incomplete.
It's your way to express your submission to someone like me. A beautiful Goddess that would completely out of your reach under normal circumstances.
You know you make me smile by paying me even to stroke to one of my clips. Like you would make a woman smily after you made her reach an orgasm - something you never really could...
This clip is your chance to make me smile - over and over again. You know you want to please me. Do it your way. I will love it!