Goddess Emily Jones
Blackmail - Roses are Dangerous
Blackmail - Roses are Dangerous

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Roses are beautiful, tempting... But sometimes also pointy - and dangerous... Poisonous...
Just like the essence you are always drawn to. And of course the topic of this very clip - Blackmail! The perfect combination, don't you think?
And let's not forget about me... Everything that makes you weak, horny and vulnerable is right here.
I want you to dive right in that rabbithole. I want you to feel the warm rush through all your body. I want your mind to melt when it's free from all hesitation, free from all that distracts you from concentrating on what's important in your life. Me - and the little game I have prepared for you. A game about resistance and self control. Will you make it while you are in the state of mind that we both love so much? Let's find out!