Goddess Emily Jones
Hardcore Edging - with Roses!
Hardcore Edging - with Roses!

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Another masterpiece is back online! Made in times of quarantine, when you were alone, weak and vulnerable. Not much has changed, hm? - You are at home for quite some time now... I bet even addict like you is getting bored by now. At least from most other clip. This one is different - harder!
A clip not for the faint hearted! I want you to get completely loaded tonight! A mindless, drooling and completely obedient toy for me to play with!
And I know you want it too... Just mentioning that there would be an extreme level in this clip made it a bit tighter in your pants, didn't it?
A little sniff is just not enough anymore. You are always thirsty for more, looking for new extremes and this is exactly what you are up for in this very clip! The smell of roses will always make you weak - and that's exactly what I want you to be come. Believe me - you will!