Goddess Emily Jones
Transforming your Reality!
Transforming your Reality!

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Let's face it, slaveboy! You are stuck.
You had such great plans and expectations regarding your life... I am not talking about your career and family, but sexually. So many dreams, fantasies and desires. But where did it get you?
You might even have a decent job, a girlfriend or wife, but what about it?
Did any of those fantasies come true? And haven't they been your motivation so many times?
All you've got is a daily routine. Work and a boring life around it.
This is about to change...
I will change it - and bring those fantasies back to life! Can you remember the thrill, the sexual excitement that you used to experience in earlier days? Wouldn't you like a dominant and beautiful Goddess like me in your life? To finally have someone who knows and understands all your secret fetishes and desires?
I know you would... Be glad, slaveboy. The boring part of your life is over - and a better one is about to begin!