Goddess Emily Jones
Yes Goddess! Please Blackmail me!
Yes Goddess! Please Blackmail me!

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Nothing excites you like Blackmail-Fantasy does... the fantasy alone got you addicted already!
How long has it been since you watched your first clip about it? Months? Years?
The thought of a beautiful Goddess like me taking advantage of your weakness... controlling you with a snap of her finger since you can't risk what she could potentially do to you... So dangerous, but also so exciting!
A little information at the beginning turning into a vicious cicle from which you cannot escape anymore - being owned completely!
This is exactly what you dream about, isn't it?
But it never really happened before... You were too afraid of it - or didn't she make use of what she could have done to you?
All this changes today... You are only one clip apart from it!
Go get it!