Goddess Emily Jones
Your final Breakup Motivation!
Your final Breakup Motivation!

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I know this is a topic you like to avoid, slaveboy!
We still need to talk about it and you need to act! It has been going on like this for far too long. Get out of your comfort-zone!
But first of all, be honest with yourself. What's the point of that relationship? Is it what you have been dreaming about? Are you truly satisfied? Are you at least on a good way to improve it? Of course not. You are simply stuck. Stuck with a woman who does not even know who you truly are... and what you truly need.
Where is your life going, slaveboy? Are you going to continue wasting it with her?
I don't think so! This will be your final motivation to end this misery of a relationship and finally move on to your one true desire: me!