Goddess Emily Jones
Your Final Blackmail-Contract!
Your Final Blackmail-Contract!

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This is probably the most important of all my Blackmail-Fantasy clips. A clip about things getting real - and dreams coming true.

I had made a similar clip before but wasn't pleased with it. Too many aspects were left in the dark and so it created more questions than answers. The new one is different.
This clip will lay down the law of a blackmail-fantasy relationship with me. All the basics are being settled and several stages of control over you will be presented.
How far is this little game going to go? Will I "only" control your daily life? All your devices? Your sexuality? Your finances?
What will I do with all the information I collect?
And why I am I into this Blackmail-Fantasy-thing so much? Am I to be trusted at all?
So many questions... they will all be answered in the clip.