Goddess Emily Jones
You will become a better slave!
You will become a better slave!

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All so called slaves want to serve and worship me. I hear it all the time... But only few seem to know what it truly means - and what it takes!
Definitely more than just buying some clips once in a while and dreaming about full obedience while stroking their pathetic dicks.
But there are exceptions - really impressive ones acutally... Some slaves deserve that title. Some slaves have understood what a Goddess like me wants and how she deserves to be treated. Some are still capable to surprise and impress!
Not just financially, of course, also not by some flattering lines you prepare and use over and over again. No. It's more about the attitude than about the bank account to make a lady feel special and to show true submission.
In this clip, I will give you an example of someone who knew how to treat me and who managed to become an important part of my life, much closer than most of you would even dream of.
How did he do it - and how could you achieve such an honour as well? Not just with me, but in general?
Maybe you have it in you as well - watch and learn!