Goddess Emily Jones
You are denied! Valentine's Special!
You are denied! Valentine's Special!

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Valentine's Day! A very special occasion... What are your plans?
I'm just kidding, of course... As if a loser like you would have any..
But I'm sure you'd love to have some... like real men do.
Do you like my outfit? It's extra sexy lingerie tonight. Can you even imagine how it feels like to be a real man who gets to play with that?
I don't think you can... You are better off by sitting at home at your computer, dreaming of what you will NEVER ever have!
I bet you have given up hope for that a long time ago... Now it's just the usual routine. You, your hand and my clips... but a special one tonight!
I will make you participate... Tell and show you what my man will get to play with tonight. You know I love rubbing salt into your wounds, degrading you for how insufficient you are to attract and please a true Goddess like me - and I know you love it!