Goddess Emily Jones
Worship my sweaty Yoga-Pants!
Worship my sweaty Yoga-Pants!

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Have you been waiting patiently for your next kick, slaveboy?

Imagine you would be allowed to be here with me...

You would watch and worship me during my workout, doing all these sexy moves and all the stunning positions you love to sneak a peak on so much...

You would be so horny... But what would be next is what really excites you...

Of course I'd get all sweaty during workout... but that's an extra-kick for you, isn't it? Imagine I would allow you to worship all the sweet-spots of my divine body... my sweaty feet and legs, my sweaty armpits... or even my ass...

And all the dirty clothes needs washing as well - another task to use your dirty mouth for.. As long as you behave so well!

Get on your knees slaveboy and imagine me being right in front of you when you watch this clip.

You'll almost be able to smell me for real...