Goddess Emily Jones
Will the temptation be too strong?
Will the temptation be too strong?

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I have prepared a little challenge for tonight. A challenge in which I want you to lose.
But before you lose, I want you to be as close to the edge as possible. You know exactly what state I mean... the one in which your mind is filled with nothing but the never ending will to server and please me, the one you love to be in so much.
A true orgasm, one that really matters and gives you satisfaction is only completed when there is something achieved by it. A real payment, a real smile put on my face. Isn't it true?
Hasn't your desire to please become such an addiction yet that it almost doesn't matter when you don't pay while you cum? When you don't know you please me, make me smile when you hit the "send" button?
It only truly matters when it makes me smile, slaveboy. Only when it truly benefits me, your pleasure has been put to good use and allows you pure and unspoiled joy. Go for it and learn how a true servant spoils his Queen!