Goddess Emily Jones
Ultimate Interactive Aroma -Training
Ultimate Interactive Aroma -Training

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Welcome, Slaveboy! Welcome to a very special evening of encouraged inhaling at it's best! I know exactly how weak you want to become for me! A mindless, obedient puppet - and I will make absolutely sure you reach this state of mind tonight! I know how much you love to feel that calming but also exciting rush spread through all of your body, conditioning your brain to become what you truly want! My mindless and obedient pet! I will tell you exactly how much you are about to be sniffing for me - and you will follow my every command! No matter how dizzy you already feel, you will follow my lead! This will become a night to remember for you, my little sniffing-bitch! Most inhale-Clips are just a little taste for beginners, as I have heard. This seems to be the real thing! Get it right now!