Goddess Emily Jones
Total Slave Reprogramming - Part 3 of 3
Total Slave Reprogramming - Part 3 of 3

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You have made it to the final part, slaveboy! I am impressed...
On your journey, you have learned two lessons of great importance! First, I taught you acceptance. You are not struggling with your submissive side anymore, are you?
You are not! Not only are you accepting your twisted little fetishes and the fact that you will always be a slave, but you have even learned to be grateful for it!
Your subservience and devotion towards beautiful goddesses like myself is a great gift! Remember all the joy it has brought to you like no normal woman or a vanilla-relationship could ever have... That was your second lesson.
In this clip though, we will go even further! I will be especially generous today and reward you for having been such a obedient slave. I will teach you a very important lesson, to make sure you will never forget about your previous lessons ever again: True pleasure!
Don't get used to it too quickly...
You know you are a slave. Always and forever!