Goddess Emily Jones
Total Slave Reprogramming - Part 1 of 3
Total Slave Reprogramming - Part 1 of 3

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Welcome to a very special journey, slaveboy!
A journey to complete submission.
All your life you have been struggling to accept your inner self. You have denied it, rejected it, you could not stand who you really are.
Where did it take you? Look at you!
All your effort, all the years of denial and you are still exactly where you are supposed to be. Fate has brought you here. To me.
I will take over from now on, your journey is over. I will teach you, make you accept the feelings that feel like they are haunting you all your life. You will learn to accept them, love them and even profit from them.
All these negative thoughts that have put pressure on your all your life, I will take them away, I will transform them into the purest source of motivation und joy there is. For you are will become what you were always meant to be.
My slave!