Goddess Emily Jones
The Ultimate Chastity Tease
The Ultimate Chastity Tease

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How is it going in your little cage? Is everything nice and tight? Excellent! It's about to get even a little tighter in there...
A loser like you does not deserve sexual pleasure, not at all! And you know very well why that is... Your worthless little prick needs to be controlled - all the time!
I know very well what it means to show you as much teasing as I will in this clip! It means punishment, it means you will suffer - quite a lot in fact... The only reason a worthless peace of slave-meat like you deserves such views. The more it hurts you, the more it drives you crazy, the more I like it.
I hope your cage has those little spikes in it! Exactly what you deserve! You will endure it for me, slaveboy! All the way through!