Goddess Emily Jones
The 10k Findom-Challenge! - Pay and Please!
The 10k Findom-Challenge! - Pay and Please!

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It has been a while since the last part... but the challenge is still on!
As well as your urge to worship and please me in any way possible. Don't you, slaveboy?
I know you are working hard already to provide to my many needs and wishes, but it's simply never enough, I'll always want more. Just like you became more and more addicted to me. Paying me means continuing to serve me, your ultimate wish in all the world. No matter the effort, no matter the cost!
Even if you are one of those who manage to stay away for little while, lurking around in my store, not daring to buy anything or only with an anonymous account...
I know I am your ultimate desire, the perfect Goddess you've dreamed of for so long...
Slaves can resist a lot of things, temptation is not one of them.