Goddess Emily Jones
Sniff my Ass and Smell your Rose!
Sniff my Ass and Smell your Rose!

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The first of many clips with my new and very special Rose! You wonder what it's all about? You must have noticed that certain regularities have been set up to ban certain clips - but who could be against some instructions to smell something as lovely as a rose? I guess now you know what I am talking about... Time to have fun! In this clip you will worship your favorite of all my body parts... My gorgeous and perfect ass! In skin tight denim. A view that would immediately turn your head everywhere you would see it. But here you don't have to be shy or scared, you can enjoy it with the rush spreading through all your body - the feeling you love so much and that makes you so weak and obedient. My favorite state of your mind! Don't waste anymore time! Get the equipment you need and be ready for some instructions! I know you'll love it...