Goddess Emily Jones
Slave-Reprogramming: Overcome your mind!
Slave-Reprogramming: Overcome your mind!

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It's time to invade your mind once more, slaveboy!

I know how much you love to watch these clips. Lose yourself in my mesmeric words and the divine appearance of my body, doing all these sexy and seductive moves... It's pure relaxation for you...
I will exploit this weakness of yours today... While you are in this state of mind, I will implement a very basic lesson in your mind:
Your body is stronger than your mind!

Your mind might be hesitating and fighting this urge, this addiction to please and serve - but look at you right now... You simply cannot resist!
You need to learn to accept your needs. It's exactly those fantasies and dirty little fetishes of yours that get you going. On a long and boring day at work, what are you looking forward to? Not your friends, not your family in case you even got one... No, it's these clips that give you the most pleasure, the most joyful moments in your life.
Accept their importance, accept my importance in your life, slaveboy!