Goddess Emily Jones
One month in Blackmail-Hell!
One month in Blackmail-Hell!

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It's your greatest weakness again... Blackmail-Fantasy! We both know the topic always gets you so excited already... Why else would you be reading this description? You simply cannot help it - nothing turns you on like Blackmail-Fantasy does... But it's so risky, right? Even if most of the thrill comes from that exact danger - it's simply too much! If anything went wrong, you'd be completely ruined - or embarrassed in front of friends and ****. Simply too much to risk for "a little" sexual excitement... But what if there was another way? What if you could experience all the fun, all the thrill and all the pleasure without the risk of being ruined forever? Wouldn't this be simply too exciting to miss? But it's exactly what I am about to offer you in this clip! You will get a full taste of what you have always dreamed of experiencing - without the full danger that kept you away for so long. Do you want to know more? Of course you do... Go get the clip!