Goddess Emily Jones
My Ass is irresistible!
My Ass is irresistible!

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You are so predictable... Completely guided and controlled by your most basic fetish: A beautiful woman's ASS!

Simply watching it makes your knees feel weak, it immediately takes control over all your thoughts and within seconds, you become nothing but my drooling and completely devoted little toy. What do you think about my ass?
I know you have seen a lot in your life - but mine is exceptional, isn't it? Simply perfect.
Being even allowed just one little kiss would be worth your life... and imagine being completely smothered by it... Not only to watch it, but to feel it... smell it... maybe even taste it?

Hahaha! of course you would do literally anything for such a chance, but you will never get it! All you can hope for is one of my worn panties, and even this would be more than most slaves deserve. But maybe you are an exceptionally good boy as well...

Impress me!