Goddess Emily Jones
Mesmerizing Denim Ass Worship
Mesmerizing Denim Ass Worship

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I know you love to look at nice, juicy asses in tight Denim.
It is like an addiction, you simply cannot help it. The sight of a hot, young women' s ass MELTS away all the rest of control, that was left in your tiny little slaves' brain.
You loose it completely, nothing more than an ass-craving puppet.
And I am going to exploit that today! I am about to put your submission to a test! How much do you really want it, worship it, pray to it as if was a God.
The Videoclip will train your addiction by showing you more and more, teasing you harder and harder and exploit all your weaknesses and exploit them until you surrender to the new center of your life to obey - my ASS!