Goddess Emily Jones
Mesmeric Brainwash - You will become my mindless toy!
Mesmeric Brainwash - You will become my mindless toy!

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This clip is all about me taking control! Control over your weak and pathetic slave-mind. It's not a very reliable toy - but it's fun to play with for sure!
I simply love it when you become a drooling, mindless puppet for me. So eager to please, so grateful for every single bit of my attention and guidance. A cock-controlled zombie!
It's so much fun to watch you living your life, acting completely normal but secretly, guided by your dirty little slave mind, your whole existence serves a completely different purpose: Me, and only ME!
I am your first thought in the morning, your motivation and your guiding star during the day and the center of all your dreams and fantasies at night - and if I am not yet, I will be very soon!
Your life is about to change, slaveboy. Very soon, you will be completely mine.