Goddess Emily Jones
Meditative Binaural Reprogramming
Meditative Binaural Reprogramming

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Lights out, headphones on! I will need your full attention tonight and there can't be any distractions at all!

Tonight I have prepared a very special treat for you. A meditation. I know of course how much you love to fall under my spell while watching my divine beauty and enticing appearance. To drown in the tone of my mesmeric voice that you cannot just hear, but feel as at reaches out and touches the most intimate parts of your submissive soul.
I am planning to make use of that weak and helpless situation you will find yourself in and implement new rules deep into your subconscious.
I will engrave the desire to serve and please me more than anything else in the world deep into your soul, a wish to guide you on your newly discovered way of life. As my slave. Forever.