Goddess Emily Jones
Let's meet - and I will lock you up!
Let's meet - and I will lock you up!

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We both know you deserve to be in chastity, slaveboy! You know best how badly you are capable of controlling yourself... and I have come to know it as well... Chastity is the one and only sane solution for you! You need to learn how to control yourself, how to behave... Don't you want to be allowed in my presence? Of course you do and the only way to get there is to go through this very special therapy-fantasy first! I love the principle of chastity. Denying a man from his most precious toy of all is both cruel and effective! I have seen men with a strong (well, relatively strong...) will to become whining little puppies within days.. if not, for sure in weeks... The only I problem I have with chastity, especially in online domination, is the constant trouble arising from control. Few slaves are properly equipped with a key-safe or other useful stuff technology has brought and so there is always the necessity of number seals or little keys that have to be mailed around... It spoils all the fun... But not this time... This time I have made much more realistic plans for you! You will meet me in person and all the hesitations you have online will face a very different opponent: my divine presence! You will be overtaken by a weakness you have never known before and all your resistance will be broken in no time! No more talking about it, no more games. You will find yourself locked up, before you even realize the full extent of the situation... The key will go on a little journey with me... It will travel around the world with me, maybe I will keep it on a little bracelet around my ancle... While you sit at home, alone, aching for salvation not even knowing when this little key I took from you will grant you the relief you desire so much... A high price for such a little moment of complete servitude... but you will pay it gratefully!