Goddess Emily Jones
If it's too small - you will be locked up!
If it's too small - you will be locked up!

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How did you like that cock in the preview?
Nice and juicy, isn't it? And that's the least I would expect...
Are you jealous?
Men with less than that are simply useless in bed, they lack the proper tool... and you are one of those men, aren't you?
A shame... but unchangeable.
I must have been hard to accept the fact that no women who ever felt a real long and thick cock in between her legs will ever want to go back to a small and pathetic little prick like you are playing around with all day long... It's just not the same.
But you have learned to accept it, you wouldn't be reading this if you hadn't... You have accepted your role as a beta-male, a servant who's simply not made to fullfill a woman's needs in bed. But in other ways...
I personally have found those men very useful... A man who is controlled and tamed is an obedient man - and I certainly have a weak spot for those... Have you accepted your role already?
Come and find out what I have in store for you...