Goddess Emily Jones
I will take your breath away!
I will take your breath away!

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Merry Christmas, Slave-Boy! This clip was originally meant as a Custom-Clip but it turned out so well, I thought you should all have the chance to watch it!
It was made for a slave of mine that is into Blackmail-Fantasy but always hesitates when it comes to handing over some substantial information. He usually likes to be teased but this time, I thought I could change the topic a bit and make the clip about what he likes the most in the whole world: My perfect Goddess-Ass!
I will simply sit on his face, leaving him just enough air for a short answer to the very simple question I ask him over and over again. Maybe if the lack of oxygen kicks in, he will show a bit more obedience and trust his mistress, handing over all the power with so little information. But the view is definitely worth it - could YOU resist?