Goddess Emily Jones
I will give your life a meaning!
I will give your life a meaning!

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Since I know it best, you can just as well admit it, slaveboy...
You live a boring life. You had such great plans, especially about your personal life.. Once the job and the money would be there, everything was planned to work out, wasn't it?
But how far did you get? Look at yourself. You might have a job, maybe even a relationship - but are you happy? Are you truly satisfied?
And hasn't this been the motivation behind all this? Be honest with yourself - you imagined a much better, much more exciting life then you have right now...
I can tell for sure, you would not be reading this description if I were wrong... You need new highlights in your life, spice things up a little.
Wouldn't it be exciting to be in touch with me? Excited all the time for new messages, pictures or even clips? A thrilling interaction once again...
I know you want to - I can make it happen...