Goddess Emily Jones
I will Destroy your Ass tonight!
I will Destroy your Ass tonight!

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It's training day for all my anal whores tonight! One of my favorite things to do... Fucking a "man" up the ass is one of the most empowering things one can do... The psychological situation combined with the acutal power of stretching the most vulnerable spot... The power to cause pain or pleasure only with some hip movement - I love it! But giving instructions is almost just as good... at least for me. You on the other hand will suffer quite a bit for me tonight - I'll be mean. Probably my hardest anal-instruction clip so far - and you will at least try to follow all my commands! I want you completely streched out by the end of the clip. I want you to feel weak, humiliated and used. Just like a little whore of mine deserves it! You will feel absolutely taken for my amusement! Get your lube, bitch - or I'll put it in dry...