Goddess Emily Jones
I turn everyone into my Blackmail-Pet!
I turn everyone into my Blackmail-Pet!

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Hello slaveboy. Did the title excite you already?
Blackmail-Fantasy is such an interesting topic... interesting but scary. Most of you guys are afraid of it - but it's a completely normal development in a Dom/Sub relationship.
It's even necessary. First of all, of course, to keep me entertained! My dominant side is real and therefore I don't get along really well with submissive and scared boys... I need grown up slaves who are willing to play harder, willing to risk a little something! I know YOU are such a slave!
How do I know that? Experience.
All men, all slaves fall under my spell as soon as they know me. They all come to the conclusion, that a functioning relationship demands authority, demands power. Some with a little help but in the end, they all fold to me. So will you! I am looking forward to you submit to me as well, slaveboy!