Goddess Emily Jones
I fuck your Boss now, honey!
I fuck your Boss now, honey!

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Good Morning, Honey! Before you leave to work, we have to talk... It' s going to be a difficult conversation for you... better sit down. In front of the bed. Remember when we were talking about my needs? Especially the fact, that you don't satisfy them anymore - never have to be honest? There is someone who does and he is going to talk to you about it after work today... It' s your Boss, Honey. It has happened, I had Sex with him and I absolutely loved it. It will happen again. Don't you look so sad! I told you about my needs in bed and you told me you'd do absolutely anything to make sure I am satisfied... I know you did not mean it that way, but it' s the only way! I need to be fucked properly from time to time, you know that. Even if you cannot be the one doing it! I don' t want to do it in secret and if you look at it in a more mature way, it' s even beneficial! I will make sure you keep your job, that I can guarantee! And isn't it an extra motivation to work hard for him? Believe me, he is working hard to give your wife the pleasure, that you cannot give me! You should be very grateful! That' s why I've asked him to talk to you about it... I want you to completely accept his position in your life. As a Boss and as your wife' s lover as well. Do you really appreciate the service he is providing to safe your marriage? I don't think so... I want to make sure, you are in complete acceptance of your situation and there is only one true ritual, to make sure of that. So whenever he fucks me at night, there will be a little present on your desk from him to swallow, first thing in the morning!