Goddess Emily Jones
I control your Sex-Life!
I control your Sex-Life!

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Since you are a Slave now, your Sex-Life is no longer yours to decide! The times, when your fetishes were just in your mind are over, you will suffer consequences.
If you intend to have sex or the possibility might occur, you will have to ask permission from me beforehand. I advise you not to come empty-handed, at least if you want to keep a sex-life at all.
If I have shown you the mercy to have sex with whoever wants or agrees to have sex with you and that actually happened, you will owe me a report!
You will tell me every single detail - and not locker-room talk, the insecurities, humiliating secrets you had to endure. That' s what I intend to read about.
Of course, every single orgasm comes extra! I will give you those of your partners for free. Who wants to fish in empty lakes?