Goddess Emily Jones
Game Over Martin! - Keylogger Blackmail
Game Over Martin! - Keylogger Blackmail

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I know Martin for quite some time now... It started in February when he came to one of my Chatrooms to talk about his favorite topic: Blackmail-Fantasy!.
He likes everything there is about it, especially the thought of giving away more and more personal information about himself and loose more and more control to a beautiful young lady like me. The thought of becoming my obedient little puppet made him lose his mind completely and so in one fatal night, he gave it all away - only to disappear within the next days, it had become too much for him.
I knew of course he' d be coming back - sooner or later they all do. Of course he did - after a few month, Martin showed up again and I decided to play it really slow. I didn't mention that fatal night at all and so he gained trust again. He even allowed me to install a Keylogger to his "private" Porn-PC.
Another fatal mistake that cannot be undone this time, I gathered enough to bring him completely under my control. What comes next? How am I going to exploit my new power over him? Will he have to suffer from it?

Of course he will! Buy the clip and see what I have in store for him!