Goddess Emily Jones
Findom - You will love it!
Findom - You will love it!

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I know how much you love to serve, how eager you are to please. Your mind is possessed by strong, beautiful and dominant ladies like me - and the endless desire to stroke your cock while worshiping.

You know you cannot stop it anymore, you are addicted! It's your dirty little secret... You also know I would never even look at you or even take note of you in real life.
You are not what a Goddess like me deserves and you know it. You need to buy my attention. But at least you are not completely broke.
Money is your key to sexual satisfaction. It can buy you my attention and therefore it can buy you pleasure. It's the only way to fulfill all your filthy little desires, the only way to please.

You are not a real man that could satisfy me in other ways. You will pay me for turning you into a drooling, ass sniffing addict that knows his place in life.
You are born to serve, born to please, born to pay!