Goddess Emily Jones
Findom Addiction Trap
Findom Addiction Trap

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This clip won't come cheap, slaveboy! But always remember, your money is not gone when I took it, it simply went to it's rightful owner - Me!
Not only do I own all your money, I also own you and so you won't complain about the choice I make in the games I intend to play with you. Tonight, we are going to play a little drain game! And I will have so much fun!
But you will enjoy it just as much... I am sure! I know how much you love to become my weak and obedient little stroke-puppet - and that's exactly what you will be in a few minutes from now on...
I will tease you, show you all the parts of my divine body that you would love to worship so eagerly...I will even allow you to stroke your tiny little cock... to certain conditions, of course. The best things never come cheap!