Goddess Emily Jones
Festival Toilet Slave
Festival Toilet Slave

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Every year I’m joining at least two festivals with my Ladies. It’s always a blast, events that stay forever in my mind. Even there I expect to be treated as a Goddess and my girls do to since they know about me being a Findomme.
Clearly, the toilets there are a true disaster! Not as bad as your face, but still not worthy of our luxury asses. This year I plan to change things, this and every year after if we decide so.
I want you to be available for min four days in a row in when the time has come. You’ll join our little trip as the loser face you truly are! Ready to know more about your destiny? Make sure you are in a quite and private space as this offer will turn you into an excited lil bitch that wants to cum all over the place. Your wildest dreams are about to become true!