Goddess Emily Jones
Extreme Toilet Weekend!
Extreme Toilet Weekend!

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You are so perverted and disgusting. You read this title and of course you got interested. You want to know exactly what's behind it because one of your dirtiest fantasies could be involved? I am exactly right, am I not? But I have excellent news! Your dream might come true... I have designed the perfect scenario in which you could play an important role: My Toilet! In case you can afford it, of course... I don't want a lousy tribute. I want your savings for this! We would meet in a Hotel where I would show you your place for the weekend - the bathroom! You would be chained to the toilet, naked except for a little chastity device. I don't want you to have any fun while I am away... Your only nutrition will be what comes out of my divine body - food and drink! Not only will you will you eat it all up, that would be to easy... I want to see your appreciation when you devour my bodily waste! You will savor every little bit of it! I have made different plans for all three days? Are you eager to find out?