Goddess Emily Jones
Envoking Moneyka!
Envoking Moneyka!

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This is a very special clip for those who really are into mesmerizing themes in a clip.
A custom clip for a slave of mine gave me the idea to create this clip in which I will implement a second personality into your subconciousnes!
Lots of you who buy my clips are not as obedient as I would like you to be - especially when it comes to Findom!
That's where "Moneyka" will rise!
She will be a guardian to watch over you, whenever I am not around to to so!
She will always be there, waiting and observing you silently, while you consume my clips. Whenever I give you instructions, whenever I command you to pay, Moneyka will be there, never to be overheard, never to leave your mind again!
She'll feel like a guilty conscience... You can ignore her for a minute or two, but you can never lock her out completely.
Moneyka is extremely persistant - but in a very sexy way - and she will make you pay!