Goddess Emily Jones
Empowered by your Nylon Addiction!
Empowered by your Nylon Addiction!

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I know exactly what my feet and legs in Nylons do to you... I know this outfit makes you drop on your knees immeadiately and your brain starts melting. It's your trigger. Whenever you see my Nylon covered feet, you imagine how they feel, how they would smell if you were only allowed to come close enough... Maybe I would allow you to bury your face in my soles, maybe you'd be granted the honour of a few kisses on my pretty little toes. Reading this makes your cock already twitch, doesn't it? You are simply addicted - but that's a good thing! Addiction is motivation, addiction is power! My power! "Empowered by your addiction" means both of us... Knowing your weaknesses and triggerpoints gives me power over you. Power to form you, to train you and to rule you! But it also makes you strong enough, greedy and obedient enough to receive that kind of training. Becoming a little weak and willingless toy for me is what we both desire. Don't you hesitate, give in to your fate! Become my slave!