Goddess Emily Jones
Edge - You don't deserve to cum!
Edge - You don't deserve to cum!

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Looking for an extra special clip to be teased to the maximum?
You have just found it!
I love making you edge! The longer, the better! Knowing you going absolutely crazy over me, getting closer and closer to the edge every time I tease you more makes me wet!
Not because it gives you pleasure... Don't get the wrong idea...
It's the frustration you have to go trough. The overwhelming urge to spray your disgusting load and give you that sweet release you want so bad - but you know you can't have!
It's punishing you by letting you do what you can do best: Wank, goon and become the mindless, addicted little bitch for me that you truly are...
You know exactly what I am talking about, you love it just as much as I do. As if you could resist.... Pathetic!