Goddess Emily Jones
Dangerous! This clip leads to real Blackmail!
Dangerous! This clip leads to real Blackmail!

Video-Length: 12m 55s
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I am warning you, Slaveboy! If you are scared about real Blackmail-Fantasy, real and severe consequences for your life, you should absolutely NOT buy this clip!
All your worst fears might become true if you buy and watch this clip - you better be careful! But the temptation must be almost unbearable... For how long have you been thinking about making the next step by now? Month? Years? How many times have you dreamed about a young, dominant Goddess like me taking over control? You crave the thought of her becoming a part of your life, controlling you - watching every step you take, every dollar you spend.

You would love it, wouldn't you? I know you would, Slaveboy! You are born to be controlled, born to become my toy! So be careful! Once you bought that clip, there will be no going back!