Goddess Emily Jones
Cuckold for BBC!
Cuckold for BBC!

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Imagine we would meet in a club. Sexy people, black music, an atmosphere to dance. Of course I would have your eyes on me in an instant but imagine yourself having caught my attention as well.
You would not want to miss that chance, would you? You'd go all the way. Drinks, bottles actually, you would not want to appear cheap. You'd brag, try to act like the tough guy that we both know you are not - but let's pretend that actually worked - and I went home with you.
You'd be so proud already, all these people in the club seeing you leave with this gorgeous woman who definitely did not remain unnoticed by any man in the club.
All went perfect. We are in your apartment, in your living room. Time for your reward, big man!
Just when you'd be about to make your first move on me I'd tell you very softly, that it won't just be the two of us tonight....

... frustration, pain, despair... willingly caused is one of the sweetest joys there is...
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