Goddess Emily Jones
Cuckold Application
Cuckold Application

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It's time to level up, slaveboy!
I know you are a completely submissive and obedient servant to me. I would even call it an addiction. I am the center of your universe and my will and well-being is of paramount importance to you.
But I have needs as well and of course only Alpha-Men are allowed to touch my precious body. These men will act on eye-level with me - sometimes even above it - which means you belong at their feet as well! And you will kiss those feet with exactly the same passion you would please mine with, slaveboy!
You will serve not only me but also my man! Don't you want him to like you? Guess who would be dumped immediately if he were not to...
You will have to satisfy and please the both of us from now on. Presents, Dinner, Wellness - we play, you pay!