Goddess Emily Jones
Controlled by a Childlock-App!
Controlled by a Childlock-App!

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It's your most precious time of the day...
Those hours in which you can sneak away to your computer, browsing the internet for all that nasty stuff you are interested in. Female Domination, all your nasty little kinks and fetishes... Without cleaning it up constantly, your browser history would tell a lot, wouldn't it?
But what if that wasn't possible anymore?
What if there was an app, that monitors all your online behavior?
Not as dangerous as a keylogger that loggs all your secret information and passwords - no sane person would install that... but enough to show what you've been doing? What you've been browsing for and for how long?
An app that gives me all the information I want - and the ability to take it all away from you? That allows me to set limits for the sites I want you to visit - and block those that I consider inappropriate?
Can you already feel that insecure feeling in your stomach, not knowing if I read about your little adventures in the reports I receive.. or if I have even been watching you at that time?
Maybe I already blocked that favorite site of yours... What will I demand to open it again?
So many options, so much fun! Let it begin!