Goddess Emily Jones
Confess! You'd LOVE to be a CUCK!
Confess! You'd LOVE to be a CUCK!

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You might be in a relationship now, but your submissive taste did not disappear.
Maybe it even gave you some new ideas... Maybe when she talks about that one, muscular and good looking ex of her. Do her eyes still shine when she talks about him? I bet you often imagined how your gf has been fucked by other men before, didn't you?
The thought about her having great sex, lustful moments in which her hot, sexy body would have been properly fucked in a way you just can't provide?
These fantasies make you hard by now, don't they? They should, because that's exactly what she deserves, what all beautiful and strong women deserve. Certainly not to be stuck with a failure in bed like you are...
Do you want to find out how your life could be going from now on?