Goddess Emily Jones
Blackmailed Toilet!
Blackmailed Toilet!

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Tonight I will tell you about one of the most perverted slaves of mine: Peter - the Toilet!
When he first contacted me, he was actually quite shy... He liked female domination in general but had very little experience with it. Little did he know about how his life would change from this time on...
Despite his little experience, he had quite a lot of fantasies... and not the vanilla kind of type. He was extremely turned on by Blackmail-Fantasy and the thought of being coerced into experiencing some of his more extreme fantasies he told me about, when he had a little too much to drink. One in particular caught my attention: Peter dreamed of becoming a human toilet!
And guess what? I granted him that wish!
Now he is addicted to it and serves me on a regular basis! Do you want to know what I have in store for him now?
Go watch the clip!