Goddess Emily Jones
Blackmail - Tell me all your little secrets...
Blackmail - Tell me all your little secrets...

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It's your favorite topic again... Blackmail-Fantasy...Nothing excites you more, does it?
Do you like my Outfit today? Why would I wear something that nice for you? Any idea?
I have a few questions for you tonight - and such an outfit always makes it way easier to get whatever I want from a man like you... Wouldn't you agree?
My questions will be very intimate, some maybe a little humiliating as well - buy you'll answer them anyway in the weak and drooling state of mind my divine appearance will put you in very soon.
Knowing a man's kinks and dreams means to own a man completely. Who needs names and addresses when you will be crawling back to me anyway?
Do you still want to tell me all about your sweetest dreams and desires? I guess even more now...