Goddess Emily Jones
Blackmail - How I will control your life!
Blackmail - How I will control your life!

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It will begin very slowly...
Your desire to submit to a beautiful. dominant Lady like me has been driving you for a while now. Deep inside, you are willing to take the next step... but you hesitate.
It's dangerous, also only online... How much could you get out of it?
But the desire to surrender is still there, it's even getting stronger the longer you try to suppress it.
So you buy all these Blackmail-Fantasy clips, watching and dreaming of what you are too scared to experience yourself.
But there is this one Lady you simply cannot resist... beautiful, dominant and intelligent. Your desire grows even more... and a few innocent chats can't really hurt, can they?
Before you even realize it, it gets more and more intense... You find yourself browsing her store daily, eagerly looking for more of her. She enters your dreams, your daily world. It starts circling around her - and her alone.
Very soon, you realize you are already completely addicted, owned by her divine presence. Giving her information, power over you feels like a relief. You want to be drawn towards her, want to be owned and submit to a world in which you are allowed to feel pleasure by serving her. It feels right, you have arrived at the place you've always been looking for...
She even told you how it would happen and yet you could not resist.
You look back and remember how it all began. By buying this one clip that would change your life forever. It all started in this very moment.