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Blackmail - How I do it and why I love it - Part 3 of 4
Blackmail - How I do it and why I love it - Part 3 of 4

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Welcome to the third clip, Slaveboy!

I am sure you cannot wait to see how my poor victim' s life went on... It' s getting even worse for him.In the first clip, I was just mean and lured him into a nice little trap.

Just to establish a delicate situation in which I had all the necessary information and he was a clueless fool, exactly where he wanted him to be. The second clip was expensive for him, I revealed the power I had gained over him and made him pay - a lot!

With a little mean twist to it.. But I am not satisfied with that... I never really am. Now I got a little greedy and he has to perform another task in my favor - Let's hope his little wife does not find out.